Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 11

Everybody poop now . . . !
If the idea of where this is headed bothers you, this might not be the post for you.

Noodle Soup: oh, there's the poop I made in your nice white studio

Yeah Poop!

Salad Sandwich: excuse me a moment . . .

. . . now what were we doing in this lovely, clean place?

Pot Pie:

[so rude, she doesn't even say anything about it . . . small poop is still poop]


  1. Came across your blog while looking at bloggers from Portland. Love the chicks! Great pictures too. The captions gave me a good laugh.

  2. I was just sent to you from a cooking blog... cute names. A childhood best friend had an Easter Chick that grew into the best neighborhood watch chicken. She named it Almer (my Dad's hated middle name), she was only 7 and didn't know chickens from roosters. That chicken would alert us if there were stray dogs or cats nearby as well as strange people. That chicken was around for many years.

  3. Ok - this is the cutest site! I love chicks and chickens (I had one that I rescued and it became a great pet!). I will be following your chicks right along with you!


  4. hahaaaa
    it's interesting!!!
    i love their inner talking lol