Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 29

So we've begun our fifth week . . . and it's about twenty minutes to midnight, so I'll just hurry this up.

Noodle Soup looking very feathery, reminding me that the coop needs to get finished.

Salad Sandwich did a good job of staying still today. I had to rouse the girls tonight for their photo sessions, as I was out all day. I felt a little bad about it, so I kept it brief.
After the shoot I had some quality time with them--Noodle and Salad will just sit on my hand forever. I even had Salad sitting in my lap. I held Noodle Soup first and I really think Salad Sandwich was a bit jealous. "Handling the chickens" started out as a means of ensuring they'd be docile when we needed to grab them for any reason later on, but they're starting to become more like pets as they grow into chickenhood.

Then there's one who's not so docile . . .

Look at those crazy feathers starting to come out of Pot Pie's head. She's the only one who's still downy up there, but when her feathers come in, they come in thick. She has a bit of a feathery happy trail coming in as well . . .
To be fair, once she freaks and squaks for bit, she tolerates being held and will kinda nod off--so far that's about as friendly as she gets.

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