Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day 2

Please allow myself to introduce . . . myself. Um, I mean my chicks.
Here we have Noodle Soup.

This is Salad Sandwich.

And finally, Pot Pie.

They get all smooshy and small when I bring them into 'the studio' but they walk around taller in their box. (Sally's keepin' it real here).
Man, they poop a lot.


  1. Having just cuddled all three new residents of our home, I have the following to report:

    1. Noodle is the cutest and friendliest of the bunch. She is the favorite.

    2. Sally is the smallest and probably the last in line of pecking order, once they establish their ranks.

    3. Pot Pie has the cutest name, but she is a bit finicky and doesn't like to be held much. My goal is to cuddle them all as much as possible to make them into friendly little chickens.

    4. I'm glad that they don't stay this cute or it would be harder to eat them when it came time.