Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 27

So I'm gonna stick with the portraits for a bit--blurry chickens flying out of frame was getting old.




Noodle Soup and Salad Sandwich are still out performing Pot Pie in the calmly-being-handled department. I was holding Salad and Noodle flew out of the cage, tried to land on my head, found her footing on my shoulder and hungout. Then pooped in my hood--but a very friendly effort.
One of the girls has been having yucky poops, which can be a serious condition for young chickens so they're all on milk (instead of water) for a few days. Apparently chickens are lactose intolerant and it cleans 'em out. They seem fine, so I think they can handle it for a couple more days.


  1. i've never heard of giving chicks milk. where did you learn this?

  2. I got a DVD from the library "Beginner's guide to raising and showing chickens", and it explained milk as the 'organic' method of dealing with that dark, gooey excrement. The video went through the whole deal with the milk, including changing it and washing out the waterer several time a day.

  3. LOVE your blog! You are hilarious and your chicks are beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing :o)