Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 22

I spent a good bit of my day working on the coop (which is going to be rad), and I came home to a bunch of crazy chicks. This better not be the beginning of the "teenage phase" I've heard about.

Noodle Soup showin' it off.

Death from above!

Salad Sandwich's quick exit.

Well look who's flying now . . . Pot Pie taking the most direct, short flight possible--but she made the gap.

And then the first out of the group session.

Followed by Noodie.

Where's Sallie's departure picture from the group session? She just fell onto the floor, so there isn't one, but . . .

I did manage to get a shot of her on the third floor of the 3cAd condo with perhaps their first fan.
Their window looks out onto the driveway--ground level--so the neighbor cat likes to come over and watch.
When the girls move outside Three Chicks A Day might get replaced by a blog call One BB Gun And A Bunch Of Cats . . .


  1. Is that a ferret cage you have there? We have our four in one of those clear plastic storage tubs, which is fine, but they are starting to take short flights (early - they are only on day 7) and I can tell they will be out growing it quickly. I'm looking for an alternative housing solution and I don't want to bring one of those big horse troughs into my kitchen, ya know?

  2. Maybe it's a ferret cage. It formerly housed a rat, and before that a rabbit.
    We were going to keep them in a large dog crate, but then got the cage for free.
    I think it's much better--they have three levels to run around on, with ramps which are training them for the ramp which will be on their coop.
    I'm worried they'll get to big for it before they move outside . . . but we'll deal with that when the time comes.