Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 21

This is a close one, according to the offical 3cAd clock . . . But good!
I think this is the first time I haven't seen the chicks in more than twelve hours at a time . . . which is kind of sad. I really need to meet some of the other kind of chicks.
Wait, does that time reference make sense? I'm a little tired.

So I don't know what the girls have been up to, but they're all perching on the roost and Sallie and Noodie are the cool girls and Pottie's the odd chook out.
Their poop is starting to smell bad, and it looks like someone drank the water while they were in Cancun. Yuck. No pasted vents--which is about all I know to look for . . .
Noodle Soup.
less action shots today--I just want everyone to get a good look at the current state of these fowls. Look at that tail!

Salad Sandwich.
Pretty scruffy, but catching up in size to Noodie.

OK, sort of actionish for Pott Pie, as we usually see her not flying.
Here's she's just trying to keep from falling off the front of the studio . . . close enough.

And a shout out from viewer Becky T:

I got nothin' remarkable to say . . .

. . . Except that watching the goings ons of Noodle, Sallie and Pottie is my favorite single thing to do on the entire Web.

I just thought you should know that.

(and that includes porn!)

That is quite the compliment in my book, thanks.



  1. I love your posts! I think my favourite is Salad Sandwich!

  2. out of the chicks...lol....Salad Sandwich is my fav!

  3. Are you going to give them some live food at some point?

  4. live food?
    like a plant is live food or take pictures of them eating?
    They're still too young to eat scraps at this point . . . but yes later?

  5. I didn't get the clock reference. Oh, wait. Maybe I did? Also, what does chook mean?

  6. Nice photos! I think I got my chicks the same day you did (March 31) and maybe from the same place (mypetchicken?). FYI, I use pine shavings for bedding and my chicks (6) don't smell (yet). I just did a scale model of my coop (1":1'). Should be fun to build! GOOD LUCK!

  7. I'm going to let the clock thing go . . . oh, there it went . . .

    We got our chicks on April 1st and I believe they were 4 days old (Noodie looked a 12-24 hours older by size).
    I'm in Portland, and we got ours from the Urban Farm Store (nice folks).
    We use pine shavings and I think it's just Sallie's droppings, which might better be described as smearings . . . she may need some electrolytes . . .