Monday, April 13, 2009

Day 13

OK, back to our normal broadcasting--Easter's over and the girls are going through a lot of changes. They're quickly and surely leaving their fluffy days, but we respect their bodies and their selves.

Noodle Soup is the largest and most mature of the group; she's coming into her feathers nicely.

Salad Sandwich is honestly starting to look a little rough. This photo is kinder than an up close inspection of her, but she's still a good girl. She and Noodie both take hand holding with poise and dignity. And I mean being held in a person hand, not a person grabbing their foot.

Then there's Pot Pie. The runt of the litter, she's got some nice feathers and still a lot of fluff--keeping the cute intact.
But a little pain in the vent* when it comes to holding her. As my roommate says, "Stop your freaky-outy!"
I expected more from a Rhode Island Red, I honestly did.
The other chickens like her, so she can't be that bad.

[*The outside opening of the cloaca, through which a chicken emits eggs and droppings from separate channels.]


  1. Stumbled across your site and boy howdy - cute, cute, cute.

  2. Nell the Runaround wife said ,This site is a hoot and chirp and a cockadoodle do holler. Adore those names,thanks for the oHh's and Ah's and just a nice read.