Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 30

Thirty whole days . . .

. . . it's hard to imagine these girls as those girls . . .

They're like the anime verision of chicks--ridiculously cute, but not even like a chicken.

Now they're their own selves.

Hello ladies!

Nothing to see here.

They don't mind the studio at all when they're together . . .

. . . in fact here's the first flight ever INTO the studio. And, yes, that's Pot Pie.

Death from Above!!!



  1. Today's blog is the best ever! I love our little chickens, even if they are mildly awkward.

  2. I have to agree with Nancy! I love and adore this blog! I even want an 8x10 group picture!
    I'm hooked on your chicks!

  3. aw, go pot pie go! still my fave...

  4. The trying to fly out of the brooder thing is forcing us to move our three largest chicks to the hen house so they can bang around in larger digs. The other three will join them in about two weeks. They are cute little buggers, but in a scary prehistoric kind of way at this stage of growth. We live in Portland too!