Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 14

Well they may be losing their 'cute' but they're making up for it with the interestingness of (attempted) flight.

Here we have Noodle Soup getting ready to take off a couple times, but getting shut down by my awesome defense!

These two shots are in direct sequence--poop, walk away, take off!
Salad Sandwich almost made it across the two foot gap between the 'studio' bench and 'habitat' bench. I managed to get my hand under her feet, so she took one step from my hand to the bench. She's definitely getting her wings clipped when they move outdoors.

Pot Pie just managed to poop twice during her shoot, no wingage. My roommate suggested we fulfill her named destiny and get a new chick--one that's as nice as Sallie and Noodie.
She'd better make a lot of tasty eggs . . .


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