Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 31

Who's nasty?
Chickens are nasty. But we'll keep the poop talk to a minimum.
Today is weigh-in day. Our last weigh-in was on Day 23, with weights of 8 oz., 6 0z., and 4 oz., respectively. They're all definitely growing.

Here we Have Noodle Soup as a 12 oz. serving.

Salad Sandwich as a 9 0z. serving.
And what a dainty little poop . . . if the other 95% of it wasn't on the back of the scale.

Pot Pie as an 8.5 oz. serving.
This was the big surprise. Sallie is almost equal in height to Noodle soup but not nearly as "husky", so that wasn't surprising, but Pie being pretty much the same weight as Sallie!?!
Salad Sandwich is a Buff Orpington--a more 'insulated' breed--so I guess she's a lot more feather than non-feather stuff. As long as the eggs are good . . .

PS--if you checked yesterday's blog earlier in the day, I add a couple more pictures, so you may want to scroll down.

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  1. Cool Blog... your chickies are growing nicely. We got our 1st chicks then end of March, (32) 26 Buff Orpingtons, 3 RIR's and 3 assorted bantams( 1 is a golden sebright, 1 is a silver duckwing (sp) and the other ? dont know yet... they are 5 1/2 weeks now and so much fun to watch.