Saturday, May 2, 2009

Day 32

So I've realized this whole chickens-on-white thing doesn't really give any reference to scale, so here are the girls with a standard size coffee mug (from my bike messenger days).
My friend and clothing designer Emily Katz made some paper hats for the girls this morning--in honor of the Kentucky Derby--but they weren't having anything to do with it.
A little disappointing, since I really want to put one of those falcon hoods on Noodie and take my picture with her all Royal Tenenbaums style . . . we'll see about that.

A cup of Noodle Soup.

Salad Sandwich.

Pot Pie.

Noodle and Salad are a good 90% feathered at this point, with Pie being more like 65%ish.
Salad and Pie stepped out on to my arm today together--I don't think Pie would have done it without Salad, but it was progress nonetheless.

Here's a question for any experienced chicken folks out there--is Noodle Soup going to keep that coloring into adulthood, or is that just some young chicken patterning?

I almost forgot, I took the Advanced Chicken Keeping class last night at the Urban Farm Store (I wish there was an intermediate class) and learned why it's so hard to tell whether your chicken is actually a rooster--male chickens don't have, um, wieners. It's all vent to vent action to make the babies! Bizarre.

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  1. What is vent to vent action, sorry not up on my Chicken Sex Ed!