Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 34

[First off, if you're on Pandora, you can view this blog with it's intended soundtrack--my QuickMix.]

So I was not going to do flight shots today, but if you shoot little chickens in the middle of the afternoon, it's kinda hard to keep them in the studio.
Especially if your favorite one steps in a really nasty, nasty poop . . . and then after you wash off it's little foot in the sink, it gets back in the cage, after flying out of the studio, and then gets the same nasty, gooey, stinky poop all over itself. In that case some chickens only get two shots for the day, and flight it is . . .

This composited sequence of Noodle Soup kinda makes up for the extra blurry shots of the other girls . . .

. . . Salad Sandwich on her way out . . .

. . . and Pot Pie who spent the most time posing before realizing she could get the eff outta there.

A couple folks have requested 8x10's of the girls . . . but what age? fuzzy baby, awkward tween . . . ? I've actually been meaning to make some t-shirts/mouse pads/stickers--general online merchandise. But besides doing this every day, I'm still one guy making rent and already behind on a couple of there photo projects . . . so I'll just say 'soon' to prints of the girls.

Coop pictures? I have been taking progress photos of the build with my phone, but only uploaded to FaceBook for now. I'm planning a big move-in special edition 3cAd, so for now, no sneak preview.
We'll have to see whether that marks the end of this project--a coop d'├ętat, if you will.


  1. I love how Noodle Soup literally looks like "Up, Up, and Away" in the composite.

  2. Day 25...Chicken Butts I would love an 8x10
    When you have your store up I will definitely order something!