Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 36

Whoa, big chickens. They're starting to max out the height of their three level chick townhouse, and it's at least another week before the coop is going to be ready. Not that the weather had been ideal for the move this week, but this weekend is looking pretty nice . . . maybe we'll just spend some time in the backyard.

Noodie, being aloof.

Sallie looking very mature in all her feathers.

Pottie still looking a bit awkward, with her Alien Nation head coloring.


  1. Pot Pie has better posture today! They're definitely beauty Chicks.

  2. Noodle and Salad look so...over their preteen awkwardness. Pot Pie, on the other hand... Beautiful girls, indeed. Good luck on the coopin'.

  3. I have been following your adventure through Google reader otherwise I would have commented sooner. I have five girls, two I raised from chicks last year. Watching your blog is like having all the fun stuff with out the poop clean up, expanding playpen, escapees, and feather dander of raising chicks. It is a feel good part of the day. I love the specifics you catch- the visual story. Things like just two toes on the ground, or an angelic pose from a little fluff ball discovering feathers. And I love the flight shots. So much cooler looking in a frozen moment than in the real life skitter and freak out. Thanks for your work.