Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 49

Chickens can be gross and annoying. That's how my morning started. I figured I'd do chick chores after I ran out for a bit, but they were making a big fuss, so I peeked in . . . have you ever used the bus station restroom in a third world country? Don't expect a toilet . . . I'm not going to get into details but no one was eating or drinking anything--which of course is how they like to spend most of their time.
They just can't connect actions with consequences . . . c'est la vie.

Noodle Soup

Salad Sandwich

Pot Pie

There has been a noticeable growth spurt over the weekend--they are a lot bigger. I'll have to pull out the scale and the mug for the next few days . . . wait, where is that mug? We didn't put that back in the kitchen, did we?


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  1. Awww! They're starting to get their big-girl combs!