Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 55

So it's getting kind of common to meet friends of friends, or especially co-workers of friends, who know the chicks from the blog. And everyone lo-o-o-ves Pot Pie.
I will say she's getting better. She'll run across the lawn when I come back out from inside. And she even let me hold her a big today.

Noodle Soup: Catch me!

Salad Sandwich--Seriously, that's a chicken, chickdom is over.

Pie is a big fan of Michael Phelps, this is her impression of him on the blocks. And she doesn't see what the big deal is about him relaxin' a bit at a party.


  1. Lol...Salad Sandwich looks like she's tap dancing with her cane and lost her top hat somewhere too bad you can't photoshop that in!
    xo to

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  3. Everybody* loves an underdog.

    *Mostly everybody.

  4. In about a week, I'm going to receive my first lil' chickies - 25 of em to share with a good friend - We have Ameraucanas, Orpingtons, Welsumers and Plymouth Rocks. I was delighted to find your blog with photos of two of our breeds. It's a big mystery this raising chickens business, but one I've dreamed of undertaking for several years now. Thank you so much for this beautiful photo record and your many amusing comments. You rock and I hope you and your lil ladies are going strong. Two more months to laying time? I hope you post about how that goes.
    Peace and love from Vermont!