Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 41

Chicken weigh-in!
It's been another week +/- since the last weigh in, so let's see what they're up to . . .

Noodle Soup -- 1 lbs. serving
A nice weight gain, but her advantage is slipping . . . it might not be that long before the other two pass her by--I don't think she's gonna like that.

Salad Sandwich -- 14 oz. serving
She still feels light for her size, but she is a more well insulated breed.
I have always shot the girls in the order I put them up here on 3cAd, but Sallie was not having any part of someone else getting handled first today . . . so she was actually the first in the studio.

Pot Pie -- 14 oz. serving
Oh, Pie--can chickens be mentally ill? You can't even keep your balance on the scale--are your nerves that shot from being picked up (i.e., dragged out of the cage)?
You're actually getting worse about being handled . . . you can just make a bunch of eggs and I'll hangout with the other two, that's fine, be that way . . .

What's been going on . . . ? The girls went outside again yesterday, not sunny like the day before, but they enjoyed themselves. Then they came inside and ate, pooped and slept . . . that's about it.

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  1. Thanks for the laugh...I love PotPie she makes me smile on a daily basis1