Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 33

I see y'all coming and checking out the chicks, but you never leave comments--WTF?!
But seriously, the girls would love to hear from you.

The photographer side of me thinks I should get serious about these flight shots, so they're not all blurry 'n stuff . . . the guy-who-has-to-do-this-every-day side of me thinks "good enough". We'll see . . .

Noodle Soup

Salad Sandwich

Pot Pie

And for an even more extreme flightless bird version of 3cAd use this link.
Thanks Bill.


  1. I'm a fellow Portlander with chickens that are about a year older than yours. Thanks for yhe amusing photos. You can read about my chickens here:

  2. hey. i read all of you blog posts, but i stream them through rss to google reader so i never click through.

    love your shots! this is a great project. i thought of doing this with my chicks but didn't really have the setup of the time (or know how to do the right settings on my camera).

    i'd be interested in seeing your coop photos when you have it done. also, if you have time, make sure to take interim building photos -- i forgot to do that while building my coop two years ago and i wish i had. it would have esp. been nice to post them on

    here are all my chicken photos: :)

    also, coop tour photos from madison, wisconsin (i'm a portlander, but am currently in madison):

  3. Love seeing the chicks grow up!

  4. Hi - I love watching the girls grow up! I have a particular affection for Pot Pie as I'm from Rhode Island.

    Great photos!!

  5. I love your chicks and I have left comments and asked you a question about getting a picture of your chicks which you did not answer me back on!!!So there!!!
    Anyways, Pot Pie, looks more dainty then the rest! Although Salad Sandwich is my ultimate favourite Chick!

  6. I'm a faithful follower....I have 5 chicks nearly the same age as yours.
    I love the blurry look to the photos....:o)

  7. OK, I LOVE 3 Chicks a Day. And I agree with Kristy, I'd love to see where the girls will be living.

  8. You know I'm a huge fan of this project. I love checking in on the girls! I've tried to remain neutral, but I think Pot Pie is my favorite, perhaps because she seems to be the under-chick, and perhaps because her name is one of my favorite comfort foods. Keep up the great work! We are enamored with these little beauties!

  9. i love this. just discovered it through a friend and have loved every picture!! thanks for all the awesome posts :)

  10. Oh man, Pot Pie flying was absolutely beautiful! She's still my fav...

  11. You inspired me to take photos everday of my own chicks when they arrive! GREAT pics :) Sallie is my fav :) Closely followed by pot pie.